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空中花园开幕礼 Official launch@Skypark


On the night of 22 July 2017 (Sat), our society was launched at Skypark, Marina Bay Sands hotel. There is a Chinese saying which says that if one desires to see farther, one must climb higher. We chose to launch on the 57th floor of Singapore’s famous hotel, to symbolize our commitment to upgrade ourselves to develop foresight. We hope to teach and equip more people with Strategic Foresight competencies, for the benefit of Singapore, Asia and God’s people. As we savored the surrounding beautiful scenery below, it reminded us not to major on the minor if we are to make a difference. We need to constantly and consciously distant ourselves from the mundane, so as to make time to climb higher and see farther, to make strategic decisions that matters. That night was also the first preview for Singapore’s 52nd National Day Parade. The night of fireworks was mesmerizing, as if God was spurring us on with a good start.


foresight group

协会成员 Society’s members

Bird's eye view of Singapore

鸟瞰新加坡风景 Bird’s eye view of Singapore

Chilling out and enjoying

放松心情,享受沟通 Chilling out and enjoying

Letting the hair down at night

越夜越美丽 Letting the hair down at night

Awesome night scene of Gardens by the Bay

滨海花园夜景 Awesome night scene of Gardens by the Bay

Dazzling fireworks display

璀璨的烟花表演 Dazzling fireworks display


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