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Cashless Singapore 2020 SAFE Foresight workshop

Cashless Singapore 2020 SAFE Foresight workshop. A foresight workshop was conducted by the society on 2 Sep to identify the threats and opportunities of Cashless Singapore 2020. The trainer shared about the importance of Strategic Foresight for the kingdom of God, and the first two of six Foresight competencies. The participants contributed to a lively and in-depth discussion about implications of Singapore going cashless by 2020. Here are some highlights:

One concern raised was how will people view the value of money after we go cashless? There have been news reports of younger generations spending “future” money and being in debt from their credit card bill. How will future generation view money when we do not have touch-and-feel proximity to cash? Will traditional values of thriftiness be eroded? Who will teach our kids about managing cashless money? Schools? Parents? Can this be an opportunity for the church to equip parents through parenting workshops, or to conduct financial literacy workshops, even in children Sunday School?

Another concern raised was, after Singapore go cashless, would our elderly folks know the dire consequences of losing their handphones? Currently, a person can easily hack your phone if you did not off your bluetooth during payment scanning, or through unsecured phones in a public wifi. Hackers will be more motivated to hack in a cashless society. Some cyber security measures include helping our elderly folks set up 2-step verification, Passcode lock, and “Find My Phone” feature.

Lastly, churches should begin to explore cashless options to collect tithes and offerings, as people would carry less cash with them in future.

The workshop ended with an exercise to “Scan My Life”, where participants learnt to do a strategic foresight of aspects of their lives for better decision-making now.

Please note that all foresight workshops are conducted in Mandarin as of 18 Nov 2017. Register and join us today.

Opening by Vice President Huan Yan

Lively and in-depth discussion from different perspectives

Practical and useful tips shared during discussion

“Scan My Life” exercise

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