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协会成立于2017年7月21日,由吴老师和神召会神学院一批神学生组成委员会,并得到不同教会的弟兄姐妹一路支持。上帝在同年8月3日一次神召会培训/祷告会上,通过加拿大Gary Heyes牧师的预言,肯定了我们的工作。预言说我们的工作是“帮助新信徒和成熟信徒对生命有异象,帮助他们设立结构,了解自己需要的是什么”。我们期待完成我们的呼召,达成神的目的。


> Gary Heyes牧师的预言(英语)




吴国雄老师是一名自由传道,传道证隶属于新加坡神召总会。他目前在亚洲神学研究院(Asia Graduate School of Theology)修读教育博士学位,曾在ACTS学院(前神召会神学院)及东亚区域授课。他于2017年创立亚洲远见教育协会,力求推广远见思维。他的学历包括:道学硕士(ACTS学院)、中文系硕士(新加坡国立大学)、教育专科文凭(新加坡南洋大学)、创意企业文凭(WSQ技能认证)。他曾在教育部任教,也创立过一家教育培训私人公司,后来选择全时间事奉神。他目前在卫理公会巴耶利峇堂崇拜。





The Society for Asian Foresight Education (SAFE) is a non-profit organisation registered with the Singapore government. We aim to promote Strategic Foresight in Singapore and Asia. We hope to increase awareness about trends that will impact us, explore alternative future possibilities, and create greater confidence towards our desired future.

The society was founded on 21 July 2017 by bro Gary and a group of theological students from Assemblies of God Bible College. God’s confirmation to their work came through a personal prophecy to bro Gary, by Rev Gary Heyes (Speak Life ministry, Canada), at an Assemblies of God training/ prayer meeting on 3 Aug 2017. It was prophesied that the work is to “help new believers and older believers get a vision for their lives, and help them have structure to be able to know what it is they need”. We look forward to fulfill our calling to accomplish God’s purpose.

Our Executive Committee

President: Gary Goh
Gary is an itinerant Christian educator holding credential with Assemblies of God Singapore. He teaches regularly in ACTS College and East Asia. He is currently doing his Doctor of Education programme at Asia Graduate School of Theology. His other academic achievement includes Master of Divinity (ACTS College), Master of Arts in Chinese Studies (National University of Singapore), PostGraduate Diploma in Education (Nanyang Technological University) and WSQ Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship, a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for Entrepreneurship in Creative Arts. He was formerly a teacher and an education entrepreneur, before closing his business to serve God. He currently worships at Paya Lebar Methodist Church.

Vice president: Lee Huanyan
Huanyan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in history and minoring in technopreneurship. After graduating, he started working with the Ministry of Health handling healthcare manpower policies, before moving to Eagles Communications to work as a full-time Christian worker. His passion to contribute to nation-building has led him to return to the civil service. He is also pursuing his Master of Divinity with ACTS College. He is happily married to Angelina, and both of them are actively serving in Hope Church Singapore.

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